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Products with Purpose

The Oral Health Shoppe is a retail hub for products that positively impact the health of your mouth. We bring together the best products from like minded companies, so you can purchase confidently and conveniently. Our shoppe is home to a wide variety of products from dental floss to supplements.

Our Holistic approach provides a wide selection of products for both topical or systemic style healing. Our goal is to not only create awareness for holistic oral care but also connect you with the products, companies and professionals that will help you follow your own holistic health goals.

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When treating one area of the body, one must consider all aspects.

What does WELLNESS really mean?

We believe each and every person sees and defines theirย own wellness differently.

Wellness can be any of the following ideas and so much more...

Waking feeling rested and ready to tackle your day

Feeling energized and joyful

Living free from pain and discomfort

Cultivating positive thoughts and mindset

Knowing and appreciating your own self worth

Looking forward to the future

Feeling happiness and fulfillment

Growing your spiritual awareness

The ability to provide a safe space for loved ones

Laughing and loving yourself daily

The question becomes what do we have to do to achieve these or other levels of "wellness"

Here are some options

move your body daily (walking, stretching, yoga, running, paddling, rowing, lifting weights, etc)

sit in nature (enjoy the oxygen, sounds and calmness that only nature can bring)

perform good self care (take care of your body parts- mouth, skin, ears, eyes, feet, hands, nails, etc)

consult with your health professionals (based on your own unique needs)

eat as best as you can with what you have available (both time and money are a factor)

practice meditation and brain activity calming (close your eyes and pay attention to your breathe)

balance your sleep quality and patterns (AKA Sleep Hygiene)

achieve homeostasis daily (adjust to your environment daily)

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