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1. What does Holistic Health Theory mean in Dentistry?

In our opinion, holism in dentistry is the theory that all things are considered when treating an area for an ailment. We don’t just treat the cause of the “problem”, we locate the “root cause” through referral to other professionals and eliminate potential ongoing health decline.

2. What are food supplements really?

Food supplements to put it bluntly, are foods that are processed and packaged with easy methods for consumption. For instance- you don’t eat beets- get them in a powder and add to smoothies. You aren’t a fan of vegetables, have a limited variety you enjoy or you don’t have access to organic due to the location you live in the world. Get a powder or tablet with many different varieties or a greens superfood. The possibilities are endless.

3. What are the benefits of organic?

Many organic companies focus on quality soil, and high nutrients to grow plants. They also steer away from the use of pesticides or chemicals to enhance growth, colour or ripening of fruits/vegetables. Foods grown with quality soil tend to be more bioavailable to the body which increases the overall absorption of the body.

4. Why include food supplements in an Oral Health Store?

Why not!!! Our tissues, organs, cells, blood, skin, teeth, etc are all fed through our food nutrients so wouldn’t it just make sense that you would maintain health from the inside?

5. How do I know which products I should be using to maintain my oral health?

Simple, get an oral assessment from a Registered Dental Hygienist listed on our “Find a Dental Hygienist near you”