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Purity Life-Invisible Cold Sore Bandage – Quantum Health


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Indications: Protects sores from bacteria and irritants. Provides a moist, breathable environment for optimal comfort, relief and excellent results.

Ingredients: Silicone coated release liner, hydrocolloid (absorbent), polyurethane film (outer layer backing).

Directions: Apply at the first sign of cold sore symptoms (tingling, itching or pain). Gently wash infected area with soap and water, pat to dry. Separate a single bandage along perforations. Remove bandage from liner. Apply to cold sore. Mold bandage from liner. Apply to cold sore.

Cautions & Warnings: Cold sores are contagious. Avoid kissing or sharing utensils or toothbrushes. If he sore lasts more than 2 weeks, consult a health professional.